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What Men Find Attractive in Women.

What Men Find Attractive in Women.

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Behind our phone screens, it is difficult to know what men like aside from physical beauty. What do men find attractive on the inside of women? Physical beauty fades, and no, I’m not talking about when we become older. I mean, at the end of every day, when the party is over, the only thing that matters is the type of person you’re taking home.

she, who is Intelligent:

An intelligent women will initiate the wrong man. The right man, will encourage her knowledge and allow her to flourish. Many women think that men are only attracted to physical beauty.. and that’s true. However, beauty will only attract the man, your intelligence, your education will make him stay.

she, who has self-respect:

A woman who practices self-care, who radiates positivity, who instills confidence into her own mindset, is more attractive to the right man. Whenever you go out, think of it as an opportunity to “market” yourself. When you walk with confidence, when you’re dressed appropriately, you are showing everyone around you how much you value yourself. You're attitude will attract the type of man that is worthy of having you.

she, who is caring:

Every man needs a thoughtful, caring woman in his life. They want you to show that you care about him. Support him, listen to his problems and maybe find one or two solutions. He will be happy to hear your input. Show gratitude when he expresses his wanted, caring emotions towards you. Showing him that you care, in moderation, is a definite turn-on for men.

she, who has a Sense of Humor:

You have you ever seen the way a man’s face lights up, whenever he’s made a woman genuinely laugh? It’s so cute hehe. A women with a sense of humor is what makes a relationship more interesting and enjoyable. A man who is able to make a woman laugh, is the golden ticket that allow the man to relax during the date.

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