13 Date Ideas for Couples Who'd Rather Die than Go Out in Public.

That was sarcasm ya’ll.

Just needed a catchy headline to get your attention. That’s how badly I wanted to meet you! Now that you’re here! Hi!

Okay, picture this, you’ve just got home from another loooonnnnnggggg day at work. The thrill of being away from people, outside noises and only being in the presence of your spouse and dog, awaits you in seconds. You look as if a truck drove over you, as you have been battling rush-hour traffic for damn near two-hours.. The thought of getting back in any car makes you sick to your stomach. Once inside, you’re loving spouse greets you, helping you with your purse and coat. After the usual pleasantries are exchanged, your spouse smiles before gently asking you these fateful words from hell, “So, are you excited for tonight”?

Your face instantly drops and a sea of sickness rushes over you.

Oh f*k, you think.

It’s date night.

13 Date Ideas for Couples Who’d Rather Die than Go Out in Public.

1. Play a Board/Card Game

And by board game, I mean something cute like, a themed Monopoly, Trouble, Sorry etc. A little friendly competition can make the sparks fly in your relationship. However, be warned if you dare to play a card game like UNO, these sparks may turn into a rage. Making it best to move on to idea #2.

2. Eat Take-Out By Candlelight

It is amazing what a small change of environment can do to transform an everyday experience. Instead of eating take-out in front of the latest Bob’s Burger’s episode, try adding a tablecloth to your regular dinner table, light a few candles, play a Romantic Pandora station and take the time to talk and reflect on your day.

3. Make Dinner or Dessert Together

Making dinner after coming home from work, can seem like a chore. However, grab your spouse, play some up-beat music, or follow along with a YouTube cooking tutorial, a cooking date can turn out to be a hoot! After putting the kids to bed, silencing your phones or taking care of any other distractions, cooking together can tons of fun and a great way to reconnect.

4. Paint With Watercolors

When was the last time you actually sat down and painted? No matter your artist level, painting is as fun as you remember. You can purchase inexpensive canvas (or just regular paper) and watercolors from Walmart or your local craft store. Sit with your spouse and see which one can to paint the best masterpieces.

5. Create an At-Home “Bookstore”

Bring your favorite book store cafe to your living room. Start by making two freshly brewed coffee (or just pop a k-cup in), borrow a few interesting magazines or picture books or other quick reads from your nearest library. Gather pillows to build a comfortable seating area on the floor of your living room or stage the pillows as a discussion area for you and your spouse.

6. Pop-Quiz

If you’re a person who catches themselves absolutely hooked on buzzfeed quizzes, why not try online games, quizzes or a free app "for couples.”? Surprisingly, you may discover a whole new side of your partner by simply playing a few quirky games. Austin and I love playing “Would you Rather”? Not only do you play at home, for our mid-week date night, we play while whenever we catch ourselves feeling the need to kill time. It’s totally up to you and your partner to decide how “rated G” or “rated R” the quizzes can be. I’d say, the naughtier, the better…

7. Play Indoor Mini Golf/Croquet

Mini golf is a basic sport for many people, but you do not have to go out with your daughter. When I was little, we had a Nerf indoor golf game that allowed you to create small "holes" throughout the house. He was arrested, and nobody seems to really make a set that looks like him, but you can buy one used on eBay for about $ 20 (the clubs are the size of a child, so you should look at some), But that will be part of the humor and the fun. There are also indoor croquet games.

8. Do a Puzzle Together

Just like playing a board game, doing a puzzle together is a relaxing activity that allows you to relax and have a good conversation. Choose a puzzle that you can finish tonight, between 200 and 300 pieces.

9. Have a Backyard Picnic

Place a blanket in your garden, a lantern and dinner or dessert under the stars. Have children? After they have gone to sleep, place a baby monitor in their room and take the other one with you, to the backyard.

10. Read Books Out-loud

In the 19th century, people were passionate about reading aloud. Sitting in a living room and reciting poetry and book passages was considered a good time. Bring back this old tradition for a date. Both you and your wife choose some extracts or poems to share, read them out loud and discuss.

11. Garbage Craft Night!

We love at-home craft nights! Crafting in a quiet, judgement free environment can benefit you both, mentally. So, what’s the difference between a regular craft night and a garbage craft night? Well, it’s as simple as saving popsicle sticks, to create beverage coasters for your living room. Or maybe turning empty Altoid boxes into a first-aid storage container, wall Choose a project that both of you like and can be completed in one night. Try crafting new decorations for your home or converting books into safes or secret boxes. Turn empty Altoids boxes into storage cans for first aid kits, or transfer a photo to a piece of wood.

12. Watch a Movie Outside

Mix your usual parking routine on the couch in front of the TV, watching what your movie looks like on the outside. Prepare a sheet, a projector, and chairs, enjoy snacks and drinks, and enjoy a film of pure air.

13. Fireplace Weenie/Marshmallow Roast

As we have often praised here in Art of Manliness, there is just no wrong time for a small barbecue. Or for the lovers. So camp in front of the fireplace and grill for dinner and dessert.

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